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Juvo Board is home fitness studio equipment supports proper form for yoga and surf training, slant board exercises, and more.

Juvo: Latin for help, assist, or support. Naturally, Juvo Board supports your journey of health and fitness, whether experienced or just beginning. An elegant breakthrough for professional or home fitness studio equipment, Juvo Board ensures proper form for a vast array of exercises.


Yoga and surf training is effective with Juvo Board home fitness studio equipment set to balance.

Placed flat, Juvo Board offers instability training to increase muscle recruitment, activate your core, improve physical balance, and achieve the mind-body connection needed for overall health. Find balance with yoga and surf training, Pilates, barre, bodyweight routines, and more.


For slant board training on our home fitness studio equipment, use Juvo Elevate.

Set Juvo Board to Elevate for a slant board of unsurpassed quality and style, letting you progress to greater fitness levels. Beginners can safely perform yoga and push-ups, sit-ups, and other bodyweight exercises while seasoned athletes can Elevate for truly challenging routines.

Discover Juvo Board: Powerfully Simple Studio & Home Fitness Equipment

Juvo Board is a revolutionary surface that's reinvigorating both home and studio fitness training programs. Deliberately designed with settings to benefit people of every fitness level, Juvo Board lets you safely reach new heights of health through a near-endless array of uniquely exhilarating workouts—all on one elegant apparatus. It's time to discover exactly how Juvo Board will transform your approach to fitness and health.

Take a Closer Look at Juvo Board

Yoga & Pilates

Whether set to Elevate for gentle yoga or Pilates on a slant board or set to Balance for instability, Juvo Board benefits beginners and experienced practitioners alike. To aid people at every level, Juvo Board is designed for progressively strenuous workouts that further strengthen and cleanse the body and mind as you work toward an ever-healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Do yoga training with modern home fitness studio equipment, Juvo Board.

Mobility, Flexibility, & Balance

Maximize your mobility, flexibility, and balance with Juvo Balance. The unstable surface adds a playful element to your fitness regimen while increasing core engagement: abdominals, low back, buttocks, pelvis, hips, and thighs. Juvo Balance enhances the benefits of traditional routines, strengthening and toning your body while improving mobility, flexibility, and balance all the more efficiently.

Pilates on a slant board, with Juvo set to Elevate, offers a challenge.

Weight & Bodyweight Training

The slant board setting, Juvo Elevate, provides professional fitness studio equipment for free weight and bodyweight training. Can’t do a push-up or sit-up? Juvo Elevate reduces the burden on the chest and joints, easing beginners into healthy, low-impact fitness routines. It's also perfect as an incline bench for dumbbell exercises like incline and decline presses, one-arm rows, goblet squats, and much more.

If you can’t do a push-up, Juvo Board elevates to support weight training at your level.

Board Sports

Bring your stand-up paddle board workout indoors. Just as it does for Pilates, yoga and surf training, Juvo Balance provides an unstable surface that rocks and sways like a paddle board on the water. Every squat, every lunge, every rotation works your core muscles noticeably harder than on stable ground, optimizing your efficiency and results.

For home fitness studio equipment that offers paddle board, yoga and surf training, use Juvo Board.

Complete your home fitness studio equipment with Juvo Board, a better choice for slant board users.

Juvo Board for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios

Are you an instructor or personal trainer looking for breakthrough fitness studio equipment that can help you improve every client’s body and mind while strengthening your brand? Are you dedicated to developing workouts that challenge and engage clients? If so, it’s time to join the Juvo movement.

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